The Real Sociedad Canina de España considers health to be a priority, as well as the welfare of dogs. 

As organizer of the FCI Obedience World Championship, we will watch thatall the established rules are accomplished:

  • weimaraner 1381186 640Exhibitors are responsible for the welfare of their dogs.
  • It is forbidden to put the dog in a situation that can be dangerous for its health or wellfare, such as leaving the dog in the car and/or treating it in a cruel manner.
  • Your dog should not spend too much time in cages or crates. Under no circumstances, the dog should be left unattended.
  • Find a suitable location that protects your dog from weather conditions and other situations that could be dangerous.
  • Ensure that your dog has access to fresh and clean drinking water.

  • Always watch your dog to avoid risking its life or the physical integrity of other dogs or people.
  • The exhibitors must collect the droppings of their dogs inside the venue and in the vicinity.

Violation of any of these rules will result in the immediate exclusion of the exhibitor and his/her dogs from the ongoing and future dog events.





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